How Do I Resume A Hands-on Lab Or Exam?

All hands-on labs, exams, and quizzes have a timer that starts to countdown immediately after starting them. Once the timer reaches 0 you'll need to restart the challenge from the beginning if you didn't complete it. 

However, if the timer has not reached 0 then the challenge is still active and you can resume right where you left off.

You can go back to where you left off by clicking on the yellow Active Challenge banner underneath the blue navigation bar and then click on Continue Challenge/Hands-on lab. If you do not see this banner, try navigating back to your user dashboard



Please note that you can't navigate back to the lab or quiz through the syllabus or search as the challenge will be greyed out. Eventually, if you don't go back to it for some time, the challenge will time out which would allow you to start it again from the course syllabus page.

If you have any questions, please contact