Why am I seeing a 401 OK error when trying to start a new Hands-On Lab?

Currently, our lab system will only allow one running lab or exam instance at a time. If you have a lab or exam instance already running and attempt to start a new instance, or if you open multiple labs in different browser tabs, it will cause a 401 OK error. 



If you return to the running instance and complete or cancel it, you should be able to start the new activity. If you have an instance running, but are unsure of which one it is, you can navigate back to the activity from your user dashboard



If you navigate back to the user dashboard, and do not see the active activity banner across the top of the page, but are still receiving a 401 error, please try logging out, clearing your web browser's cache and cookies, and logging back in. 

If the behavior persists, please reach out to our Support team at support@linuxacademy.com for further assistance!