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Initial login process for existing Linux Academy students after SSO is integrated

NOTE: This login process only applies to Linux Academy Business accounts that have an existing Linux Academy account and recently enabled SSO.

Once the SSO integration has completed with Linux Academy and your Identity Provider, existing students and admins will have to verify their accounts before linking their SSO identity to the Linux Academy account. The following will detail the initial login process for those existing users. This login process is only after the SSO integration has been completed, and once the student or admin has completed the process, they will not have to re-authorize their account in the future. 

Initial Login Process: 

  1. The student or admin will need to visit our login page and input their email to begin. This can be reached by visiting and clicking “Log In” on the top right of the page. Screen_Shot_2020-06-24_at_4.40.05_PM.png
  2. From here, the student or admin will be directed to their Identity Provider login portal (IDP), which is Okta in this example. Screen_Shot_2020-06-24_at_4.41.51_PM.png
  3. The student or admin will now be asked to link their SSO account to their existing account. They should accept by pressing Continue (*we are currently working on updating the styling of this page to match our branding) *** Note: If a user chooses to login via the IDP icon from their identity provider, they will skip steps 1 & 2 and be sent straight to this account linking step *** Screen_Shot_2020-09-28_at_4.31.40_PM.png
  4. The student or admin will then be directed to input their username and password in order to verify that they own the account they will be linking to Screen_Shot_2020-06-24_at_4.43.47_PM.png
  5. The student or admin may see GDPR terms if they have not previously agreed. They will need to accept and click Go To Dashboard. Screen_Shot_2020-06-24_at_4.45.55_PM.png
  6. Once the account linking is completed, click Back to finish signing in. Screen_Shot_2020-06-24_at_4.46.58_PM.png
  7. The student or admin will be navigated back to the login screen, where they’ll need to input their email one final time. Once their email address has been entered, the password field should disappear from view, signaling that the system has recognized them for SSO login. They will now only need to click Log-In to proceed.Screen_Shot_2020-07-01_at_5.11.00_PM.png
  8. The system will now finalize the SSO set up by asking for first name, last name and recovery email. Which is typically their personal email address.Screen_Shot_2020-07-01_at_5.11.34_PM.png
  9. Enter in the Recovery email addressScreen_Shot_2020-07-01_at_5.11.45_PM.png
  10. From there the student will be logged into the company's Linux Academy instance. Screen_Shot_2020-06-24_at_4.50.28_PM.png



Once the student or admin has completed the process, they will not have to repeat the process again. 


If you run into a "spinning wheel" and that says "Logging In", this emails your browser is using the old session information when you had your username/password. To remove only the cookies in Google Chrome, follow the following directions:

  • On your computer, open Chrome.
  • At the top right, click More More and then Settings.
  • Under 'Privacy and security', click Cookies and other site data.
  • Click See all cookies and site data.
  • At the top right, search for the linuxacademy name.
  • To the right of the site, click Remove Remove.