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LA and ACG Upcoming Changes for Community Edition

An update on the plans for the Linux Academy and A Cloud Guru platforms coming together

You’ve heard the news that Linux Academy and A Cloud Guru are coming together. Together, we will combine the current strengths and benefits of both companies to bring you the largest, most effective and hands-on learning library. And, we’re only getting started!


What is happening with the A Cloud Guru platform? To the Linux Academy platform? 

We are launching a revamped A Cloud Guru platform, however, the Linux Academy platform is not changing at this time -- we will continue to keep content up-to-date and refreshed.


Is my membership changing?

No, your free membership with Linux Academy will not change. You will still have access to the free courses (which rotate each month) on the Linux Academy platform.


Are you continuing to enhance and invest in the Linux Academy platform?

Yes! The Linux Academy platform will continue to be updated and refreshed with new content and hands-on learning opportunities. This includes adding new courses, practice exams, quizzes, and hands-on labs - some from the A Cloud Guru platform. You’ll start to see this new content soon, so stay tuned! We have hundreds of thousands of customers actively using and relying on our platform and we place tremendous value on the experience our Linux Academy customers have through this period.


When are these changes happening?

The new A Cloud Guru platform is launching August 2020.


Am I moving to the new platform?

As a free member, you will continue to receive the Linux Academy experience you are used to and value. Our long-term plan is to have all of our paid Linux Academy learners on our new A Cloud Guru platform. If you would like this opportunity, please upgrade here. We will keep you updated on any migration or platform changes before they occur to ensure the transition is as seamless as possible.


Will my login experience change?

There will be a new process to log in to your Linux Academy account from the public website starting in August -- you’ll receive a communication from us the day before this happens. This will not affect the direct login page, so if you haven’t already, go ahead and bookmark that page.