Information about Cloud Playground and Hands-On Labs

Why does this matter?

General Information

Our Cloud Playground and Hands-On Lab Features (“Features”) are key features that set us apart from most other e-Learning providers. Users have the ability to participate in a hands-on experience in a safe and isolated environment that allows them to solidify their skills by practicing rather than simply reading about theory. By taking advantage of the Features, your costs are absorbed into your A Cloud Guru (“ACG”) subscription, alleviating your cloud services billing worries.

 What Personal Data does LA collect to provide its services?

Our services require that we process relatively innocuous personal data of your users. The personal data processed is mostly the type of information that may even be available on your company website, on a business card, or via an internet search.

We only collect and process your users’:

  • first and last name
  • ACG username
  • email address
  • ACG courses taken
  • country and IP address
  • technical information automatically collected from a users’ computer/device, such as browser and operating system type, usage data, and ACG website pages accessed.

What are Hands-on Labs?

Hands-On Labs provide objective-based scenarios to help users gain practice and develop new skills. Users follow instructors through a guided, hands-on learning activity in the AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud portals.

 What is Cloud Playground?

Cloud Playground provides users with access to practice environments where they can access AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud sandboxes, launch an Instant Terminal, or create Cloud Servers. Playground activities are independently completed and customizable so users can gain the practice they need in a safe environment to meet their individual learning objectives.

Where are the Features hosted?

  • The Features are hosted on cloud platforms provided by AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, depending on which environment the user chooses.

  • ACG has secured accounts with the cloud providers to allow your users to use the cloud portals. These accounts are maintained in ACG's name for use by your users.

What are the terms governing use of the Features?

  • In order for ACG to offer you the Features, ACG is required by our cloud platform providers to comply with each of the providers’ terms of use. ACG is also required by the providers to ensure that you and your users comply with the providers’ terms of use. Because the cloud provider accounts are maintained by ACG, a misuse by your users will appear to the cloud providers as a misuse by ACG.

  • Therefore, when using Cloud Playground, ACG requires you and your users to comply with ACG’s Hands-on Feature Terms and each of the cloud providers’ terms incorporated therein. For more information, see ACGs Hands-on Feature Terms of Use (“Feature Terms”).

What if I have negotiated my own terms with a cloud provider?

Because your users will use the Features under ACG’s account, if you have separately negotiated terms with the cloud providers, those terms will not apply when accessing the cloud providers’ platforms through the Features. Any separate terms you may have with a cloud provider may apply to your separate use of the provider’s services, but they do not apply to use of the Features.

Data Security 

Do the Features require any personal data processing?

No. All data input by your users within the Features is input into the respective cloud platform (AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud) on which the user is practicing. Therefore, use of the Features does not implicate any additional or different processing of user data, whether or not it constitutes personal data, by ACG.

Does ACG control what users input into the Features?

  • The Features are intended to be an interactive learning experience for your users. Your users have freedom to upload any data relevant to their learning experience, subject to ACG’s Feature Terms.
  • Despite implementing all reasonable and feasible technical solutions, it is not always possible to impose content-based restrictions on the usage of the Feature or data uploaded. As a result, we require users to agree not to post certain content or engage in certain activities as set out in our Feature Terms.
  • Our Feature Terms prohibit users from uploading unauthorized personal data or confidential or proprietary data, any harmful or infringing data or information, and any information the user does not have authority to upload. We don’t recommend that any personal data be uploaded during use of the Features.
  • ACG administrators have access to the Features for troubleshooting and monitoring purposes only.

When is user practice data deleted from the Features?

Data is removed entirely when items are deleted by the user, or automatically as follows:

  • Cloud Servers: Shut down after 4 hours when inactive and fully deleted after 14 days of non-usage.
  • Cloud Sandboxes: shut down after 4 hours.
  • Hands-On Labs: shut down after 4 hours or less

Abuse Monitoring

We monitor the Features for abusive, prohibited, or otherwise offensive behavior. If abuse or violations do occur, then the offending user will lose their access to the Features. See our Features Terms for more information.